The High Council series follows the lives of those responsible for shaping Caldonia. The first book in the series, War in the Fallows, is written by Jahmil and Jahmar Effend. Released in March of 2021, War in the Fallows received Amazon Best Seller status in multiple categories. The second book, When the Crown Gambles, was written solely by Jahmil Effend. This story has received wide critical acclimate with reviews rating it higher than the first release. When the Crown Gambles was released in October of 2021. Expect the final book in the first trilogy to be released in 2022.

About the Author

Jahmil Effend currently resides in Connecticut with his wonderful wife. He received his master’s degree in Counselor Education from Central Connecticut State University in 2020. He is the host of the Scribbled Notes Podcast and enjoys learning from other authors from the comfort of his makeshift office. Jahmil leans heavily on character psychology and realism when building a narrative. His strength comes in his analysis of character motivations and writing about the flaws that exist in all of us. Jahmil was the lead writer for the characters of Asher and